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26 Jul 2013
TPUMP process

Hi all,


Can you please comment on the implementation/solutions of the below requirements-->


this is our current  process-->


1)we get some data files every day from source which we use to load through tpump utility in to a work table .

2) If some records gets inserted into error table of tpump then teradata automatically aborts that tpump operation.

3) if there is no record in error table and tpump is successful then we insert -select all the records from work table into the main table.



New requirement -->


 Even If we some errorneous records are present in the data file of a particular like date- time, not null issues then


a) we dont want tpump operation to be aborted based on that but we would like to capture those records into the separate error table having the complete

copy of the errorneous record( unlike E1,E2 tables of tpump where it just captures the sequence no. of the erroneous record) 

so that these are available for the investigation in future.



b)And all the good records to be processed into the work table with out any abort in tpump.




1)We are thinking abt increasing the ERRLIMIT feature in tpump but still we would need to capture the complete copy of the errorneous records

which seems not to be possible here.



2) the other solution may be if we define all the columns in the work table of tpump as varchar and nullable so that it doesnt leads to rejection

in tpump process.. and we get all reords in work table. 

from the work table we can filter the good records and errorneous records by checking the not nullability and date -time validations

during update/Insert operations in a bteq script



Please let me know ur suggestions on the above..




thanks in advance!




28 Jul 2013

hi Experts,
any suggestions on above ?

30 Jul 2013

Hi Dieter/Carlos,
Your opinions on the above pls..

CarlosAL 512 posts Joined 04/08
31 Jul 2013

3) Load all the records in the staging table and create ERROR TABLE for the final table capturing the errors in the INSERT SELECT (LOGGING ERRORS clause).

01 Aug 2013

OK carlos.. But still if we use the LOGGING Errors Clause, it would just capture the errocodes,
our requirement is to capture the complete copy of the errorneous records and build the views on top of those
error table so that these are available to users for investigation..
. is it feasible with  LOGGING errors clause?

CarlosAL 512 posts Joined 04/08
01 Aug 2013

Did you actually tried it? Did you read the manuals about the matter, at least?

02 Aug 2013

Ok fine Carlos.. Will do .. thanks for the pointers.

SuSeSi 61 posts Joined 10/08
08 Aug 2013

For Solution 1:
Use "DISPLAY_ERRORS" and NOSTOP feature of TPump to show the error record in console output and proceed with the job processing without TPump to stop.


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