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prahladk 4 posts Joined 08/09
01 Sep 2009
Tpump performing very erratically

We are calling Tpump from Informatica to load a flat file. Though no of records of low enough, still it is taking too long a time to load data. Here is list giving details of no of rows loaded and time taken. Even for as loas as 1707 rows it's taking over 13 mins and then another time for 1468 rows it's taking 12 sec only. Could there be anything I can do to resolve this. We are using 8 session with pack of 20.No of rows Time Taken1468 12 sec3567 21:10min1188 15sec2123 6:44m298 19sec137 13sec1707 13:48m26045 25:27min25266 18:23min6552 39:34minPrahlad

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