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Ricardo 1 post Joined 10/05
11 Oct 2005
Tpump Performance

HiI have a teradata Environment with 48 Amps , and I have a a table (sales_history) with 235.000.000 rows , I´m loading it with a Multiload utility , I want to change it for a tpump, but I, don´t have any experience with it, any Idea about the performance with tpump ?Does anybody have idea (aprox) about the time used by tpump in order to load 60.000 rows ?

hh 21 posts Joined 06/04
24 Jan 2006

I hope the reason you want to use tpump is largely based on data avalability and not to replace mload entirely.There are many tunable parameters for tpump but try those out like-sessions-pack rate-latency-keep the macros and not to generate it everytime (-m option when invoking tpump, then change the script to execute macro the second time)-turn off access logging on the target table or user id.We have relatively good performance (700-800 rows per second per node, mix update/insert) on the new 5400 nodes. Wide table does have some impact but not that much.Hope it helps...

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