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Henshin1 11 posts Joined 11/10
30 Nov 2010
Tpump and Loading

Hi all,

I wanted to ask a question regarding Tpump loading into a Set table.
If the load fails, can it pick up again and continue from where it failed? Or does there have to be some form of clean up and restarting of the job?

Also, is there any difference between using tPump to load data into a Set and Multiset table?

Thanks alot for any help.

Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
01 Dec 2010

Tpump and other load utilities have various restart options. If you specify the ROBUST option with Tpump, it will do fine-grained checkpointing and be fully restartable with either set or multiset tables.

Regardless of the load method, loads into a multiset table are faster since there is one less constraint to check.

Henshin1 11 posts Joined 11/10
07 Dec 2010

I just wanted to add to this question.

If I were to remove the IGNORE DUPLICATES line from my tpump script, would a failed load be able to continue where it failed?
And is this also the same for Set and Multiset tables?

Thanks again.

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