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logc 34 posts Joined 09/05
22 Apr 2014
TPT/Easy Loader delimiter

Do TPT and Easy loader (, moving to 14.10 later this year) support the use of ASCII control characters as delimiter? If so, how would x01 (Crtl A) be represented in the TPT script/tdload command? Tried below with no luck:

tdload -h td -u loaduser -p xxxxxx -f file1 --TargetTable mytable -d '\001'


feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
23 Apr 2014

There is an undocumented feature (undocumented because we may change it to better syntax in the future), where you can provide the text delimiter in hex (I also do not know how much it has been tested).
I think the attribute is called TextDelimiterHex.
It is probably not available for Easy Loader in 13.10, but in 14.10 I see a job variable called "DCPTextDelimiterHEX" which means it should be able to be used in Easy Loader then:

tdload -h td -u loaduser -p xxxxxx -f file1 --TargetTable mytable --DCPTextDelimiterHex '\001'



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