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lgscheurich 27 posts Joined 09/06
13 Apr 2015
TPT19134 - Only happens after the 7th run of the same file.

Hi All,
We're using TPT to load a flat file.  It loads the file just fine 6 times.  However, on the 7th run, we get the following error:  FILE_READER: TPT19134 !ERROR! Fatal data error processing file '/informatica/powercenter/infa_shared/SrcFiles/Shared/ PRE/MB/Prepped/PROD.MB.DATA.MB423.CSR.EXTRACT.H0'. Delimited Data Parsing error: Column length overflow(s) in row 2.,,,,,,301085,-1,6873032
I know there was a reported problem in a prior release of TPT, but we're running Teradata Parallel Transporter Version, which is supposed to have the fix in it.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated!

lgscheurich 27 posts Joined 09/06
15 Apr 2015

Please ignore this question.  It turns out that we finally chased it down to the tool we were using having a duplicate id, which caused two columns to get randomly swapped when the TPT script was generated.  My apologies.

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