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goldminer 118 posts Joined 05/09
14 May 2012
TPT10505 Error when fastloading with Data Services

Has anyone run into a TPT10505 fastload error before.  I found documentation on 10505 but not TPT10505 and am wondering if they are one and the same.  This is the output from the failed Data Services job:


(14.0) 05-14-12 14:41:16 (E) (14828:18064) DBS-120802: |Data flow DF_Base_Project_Priority|Loader qry_Project_Priority_Code_PROJECT_PRIORITY_S1

                                                       Teradata failed with the following error: <load_opt: TPT10505: Unable to log on minimum number of special sessions

                                                       Job step MAIN_STEP terminated (status 12)

                                                       Job STAGE_CORP_SAP_T_PROJECT_PRIORITY_S1_13 terminated (status 12)

This is the documentation I have found on a 10505 error:

10505 Mailbox is not in use.

Explanation: A message service was passed a mailbox

identifier for a mailbox that is not currently allocated.

Either an incorrect argument was passed, or the

mailbox has been deallocated by another task.

This event is also returned to the msgchnunlnk() service

when the channel specified is not linked to any mailbox.

This is usually caused by an error in the logic of the program

logging the event.

Generated By: PDE message subsystem.

For Whom: System Support Representative.

Notes: This event normally causes an automatic DBS


The associated stack trace will help the Global Support

Center determine the exact cause of the failure.

Remedy: Contact the Global Support Center.

====================================================== =======

Not sure what is going on here... has anyone encountered this before?





feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
17 May 2012

A TPT error is not the same as a Teradata Database error (different products, which is why we prepend "TPT" to the beginning of our errors).

The error message is very clear:

TPT10505: Unable to log on minimum number of special sessions

This means you asked for a specific minumum number of data sessions to be connected, and the number that was actually connected was less than that.



goldminer 118 posts Joined 05/09
24 May 2012

Would this error then be informational only and not result in an abort?

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
24 May 2012

The error cannot be informational because the job cannot continue.

TPT10505 is a run-terminating error.

The user specified the minimum number of sessions necessary to run the job and that minimum could not be met.



goldminer 118 posts Joined 05/09
25 May 2012

Thanks... I will forward this to our DataServices ETL developers.

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