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Harpreet Singh 101 posts Joined 10/11
20 Mar 2013
TPT wizard 13.10 and LDAP

Is there any way to login using LDAP on TPT wizard ver 13.10?

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
25 Mar 2013

You can edit TdgssUseConfigFile.xml (found in tdgssconfig.jar in the ...\tptwizard\jars folder) to either designate LDAP as default mechanism or change its rank. 
Save a copy of the jar file just in case. Use the jar.exe utility from the JDK to extract the xml file and then to update the jar with the edited version.

Harpreet Singh 101 posts Joined 10/11
21 Apr 2013

Thanks Fred, I was not having access to change/save jar file in LDAP environment but I am able to see xml code where you meant changes.
I found below method and using it on login screen harpreet
Teradata host= hostname/LOGMECH = 'LDAP'
user= username

hvganipineni 14 posts Joined 09/09
22 Dec 2015

I agree Harpreet this is the easiest way. 

Harsha Ganipineni

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