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jawadahmed 5 posts Joined 12/12
09 Apr 2013
TPT with named pipe

I have a C++ application which writes into a pipe. TPT reads the delimited records from pipe. But it is throwing an an error:

Teradata Parallel Transporter Version

Job log: C:\Program Files\Teradata\client\13.10\Teradata Parallel Transporter/lo


Job id is JA255020-173, running on WPKJA255020-QCX

Found CheckPoint file: C:\Program Files\Teradata\client\13.10\Teradata Parallel


This is a restart job; it restarts at step load_into_books.

Teradata Parallel Transporter DataConnector Version

PIPE_READER Instance 1 restarting.

PIPE_READER: TPT19008 DataConnector Producer operator Instances: 1

Teradata Parallel Transporter Load Operator Version

Load_Operator: private log specified: load_privatelog

PIPE_READER: TPT19003 ECI operator ID: PIPE_READER-14000

Load_Operator: connecting sessions

Load_Operator: preparing target table

Load_Operator: entering Acquisition Phase

PIPE_READER: TPT19222 Operator instance 1 processing file '\\.\pipe\my_pipe'.

PIPE_READER: TPT19350 I/O error on file '\\.\pipe\my_pipe'.

PIPE_READER: TPT19435 pmRead failed. EOF encountered before end of record (35)

PIPE_READER: TPT19305 Fatal error reading data.

PIPE_READER: TPT19221 Total files processed: 0.

Load_Operator: disconnecting sessions

Load_Operator: Total processor time used = '0.156001 Second(s)'

Load_Operator: Start : Tue Apr 09 19:37:49 2013

Load_Operator: End   : Tue Apr 09 19:38:01 2013

Job step load_into_books terminated (status 12)

Job JA255020 terminated (status 12)


My Schema is as:


Define Schema Book_Table_Schema

Description 'Schema of books table'


publishing_ID VARCHAR(20),

book_title VARCHAR(500),

no_of_pages VARCHAR(10),

publishing_date_dt VARCHAR(20)



and Attributes section is as:




VARCHAR AccessModuleName  = 'np_axsmod.dll',

VARCHAR FileName          = '\\.\pipe\my_pipe',

VARCHAR OpenMode          = 'Read',

VARCHAR Format  = 'Delimited',

VARCHAR AccessModuleInitStr,

VARCHAR TextDelimiter     = '|'



My file is as:


1|Some String|10000|16-JAN-01

2|Some String|8000|14-MAR-07

3|Some String|3465|07-JUN-10

4|Some String|567|29-MAR-05

5|Data mining|800|31-OCT-09

6|Some String|300|11-JAN-99

Please help.

SuSeSi 61 posts Joined 10/08
10 Apr 2013

Press an enter (new line) at the end of the 6th resord in your file. Try and post if this resolved.
Also, you might need to delimit the fouth column if data is not fixed length.


jawadahmed 5 posts Joined 12/12
10 Apr 2013

I have entered the new line and checked the newline character with notepad++ but the issue still persists. Data is not of fixed length. But adding delimiter at the end of the line would make TPT to expect another column.

vikas_yadav 19 posts Joined 09/12
30 Apr 2013

did you exported the file from windows to linux or vice versa...? will get this type of error when  file  contians bad character like ^I,^M
this usually happens when you transfer file in cross platform.
try   vi filename
command :se list
  in unix to check bad character like ^I,^M in file  delete this character if it is present.

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