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rajdct8q 10 posts Joined 04/13
06 Nov 2013

While trying to use INMOD Cobol program in our TPT script we are getting the below error message. We checked in the TPT manual, we didn’t get similar error information.
Below is the Sysprint of the spool.
*****************************SYSPRINT from spool******************************
Teradata Parallel Transporter Version                          
Teradata Parallel Transporter DataConnector Version            
INMOD_READER Instance 1 directing private log report to 'PTY_INMOD_LOG_2-1'.
Teradata Parallel Transporter Update Operator Version          
UPDATE_OPERATOR: private log specified: UPDATE_LOG                         
UPDATE_OPERATOR: connecting sessions                                       
UPDATE_OPERATOR: preparing target table(s)                                 
UPDATE_OPERATOR: entering DML Phase                                        
UPDATE_OPERATOR: entering Acquisition Phase                                
TPT_INFRA: TPT01036: Error: Task (TaskID: 4, Task Name: SELECT_2Ý0001¨) terminated due to the receipt of signal number 9 
UPDATE_OPERATOR: disconnecting sessions                                    
UPDATE_OPERATOR: Total processor time used = '0.013662 Second(s)'          
UPDATE_OPERATOR: Start : Wed Nov  6 04:10:52 2013                          
UPDATE_OPERATOR: End   : Wed Nov  6 04:16:08 2013                          
Job step MAIN_STEP terminated (status 8)                                   
Job ZK5WYZ4W terminated (status 8)   
****************************************************** *************************  
Below is the Sysout of the Spool
*******************************************sysout from spool*******************
CEE3551S DLL RDWPPRGM does not contain any C functions.
From entry point PX_Initiate at compile unit offset +00002C20 at entry offset +00002C20 at address 30DE7258.
****************************************************** *************************

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
06 Nov 2013

The only thing I can suggest right now is to upgrade to the latest TPT 13.10 set of patches (for all components of TPT).
Then re-run the same job and provide the results.


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