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andydoorey 35 posts Joined 05/09
01 Sep 2014
TPT User Templates

I want to create and test some user templates, which I'm going to base on the Teradata provided templates $LOAD and $EXPORT.
Do the templates I create have to be saved to the same directory as the ones that are installed with the product?  This directory on Linux only has write permission by root, so I would have to have root access to be able to write to that directory and test the templates.  This would need to be done by a Linus systems administrator, who is unlikely to want to install a template that hadn't been tested.
Ideally I would be able to save the user written templates to a different directory so that if, for example, we reinstall TPT our templates do not get overwritten, and also so we can change the user written templates without needing root permission.
Is this possible?  
Is anyone else using user written templates?  If so how do you manage testing and implementing them?

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
03 Sep 2014

User defined templates must reside in the same directory as the ones we provide.
The directory is protected because most system administrators do not want the installed ones to be modified since they will impact every TPT job that uses templates.


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