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astocks 22 posts Joined 03/11
30 Jun 2015
TPT: Target Database different than Working Database with LOAD operator

How can I use a different target database (not TdpId) than what I declare in WorkingDatabase?  I want the log and error tables to go to a work database, but the target table is in a different database.
For example:
Work.ExampleTable_ET = error table in Work database
Person.ExampleTable = target table in Person database
When I try to set TargetTable='Person.ExampleTable' I get an error.

DESCRIPTION 'Loading Data From Results Flat File to Work Table in Teradata'
    STEP Clear_Table(
    	APPLY ('DELETE FROM Person.ExampleTable;')

    STEP Load_Table (
    	APPLY $INSERT TO OPERATOR ($LOAD() [@LoadInstances])
    	SELECT * FROM OPERATOR ($FILE_READER() [@FileInstances]);


ssavoye 15 posts Joined 05/11
20 May 2016

I was also hoping to get this answered.  I hope it is possible. To the person posting, did anyone ever respond?

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
20 May 2016

Provide a fully qualified tablename (including the database name) for the TargetTable attribute (and/or corresponding job variable).


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