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anand82 6 posts Joined 04/16
19 Apr 2016
TPT script generator and PDCR query to find AJI

Hi Friends,
I am new to this forum.
I hav 2 queries. Kindly request your help.
1) Could any one of you let me know how to generate a TPT script based on parameters. My requirement is to offload data from TD into flat files. A TPT script has to be generated on the fly for each table in a db.  I understand that a Fast export is also feasible but the requirement is to create a automated TPT script..Could anyone pls provide any ideas or pointers?
2) My second request is - I need to find out the build time taken for creation of Aggregated Join Index  for a database using PDCR. This is to analyse the peak AJI and then we need to do some enhancements on them. Could anyone please let me know the query or tbl or macro name to get AJI info in PDCR?
thanks in advance.

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
20 Apr 2016

I can only address #1.
First, what version of TPT will you be using?
If something new, like TPT 15.10, you can have a general purpose script, like this:

   DEFINE JOB export_to_file

and then have your process just create a job variable file with all of the pertinent information (SELECT statement for Export operator, logon credentials, output file name, etc.).
Of course, this is just assuming the jobs are simple jobs.
Anything other than that might need a little bit more information in the script.


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