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06 Jul 2015
TPT: reading variable blanks at end of record. Filler?

I am recieving a file with delimiters with 20 fields, the problem is that after the last field there are blanks until completing the end of the record.  It s some kind of mix between delimiters and fixed length.
I´m using a tpt update operator to load it, but I dont know how to read that last field that has variable length but only with spaces.
I´m not sure but I think that back then whe using mload, we could declare a filler char(1) as the last field, and it would allow to load the record if it was 1 or more than 1 space.
Appreciate your ideas on how to load this record using TPT.
thanks in advance

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
08 Jul 2015

You can either define a filler character in the TPT schema (TPT does not have a "filler" keyword, but if you include a column as the last column in the schema, but omit it from the DML statement, it will just be thrown away by TPT or the DBS), or you can set an attribute called "AllowExcessColumns" to "yes" in the DC operator definition and it will direct the DC operator to ignore extra fields at the end of the delimited records.


14 Jul 2015

Thank you Steve.

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