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danielA 8 posts Joined 06/13
16 Dec 2014
TPT & Quoted data bug?

Im curently using TPT with the default configuration:

Native I/O (non-PIPE)

     Data Format: 'DELIMITED'

     Character set: ASCII

     Delimiter = '|' (length 1), x'7C'

     EscapeTextCharacter = '' (length 0), x''

     Quoted data: No

     OpenQuoteMark = '"' (length 1), x'22'

     CloseQuoteMark = '"' (length 1), x'22'
Im getting a parse error on a line 
Paramater 4 is not being parsed due to the open quote. It is reading until EOL as the paramater
Quoted data is set to No!
So why is TPT attaching importance to the (") and expecting a CloseQuoteMark. Surely it should just be treated as a character?
IS this a BUG in TPT?

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
22 Dec 2014

This issue was fixed in
Always a good idea, though, to download all of the latest patches for all packages of TPT 14.10.


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