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JustMe 76 posts Joined 03/07
12 Nov 2013
TPT Parallel Connection Limit

How do I find the value of the TPT parallel connection limit?  Is this a field that is displayed in DBS Control?  If so, which field is it?  MaxLoadTasks?

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
14 Nov 2013

Please elaborate on the question.
Not sure what you mean by "parallel connection limit".
For the FastLoad, MultiLoad and FastExport protocols, the max session connect limit is 1-per-available-AMP.
For SQL-based operators, the limit is based on the number of sessions available.
MaxLoadTasks is something different.
The setting for that is somewhere in DBS Control (check the manuals to see the field).


JustMe 76 posts Joined 03/07
18 Nov 2013

Thank you so much.  I have never used is a utility that was introduced after I moved out of the development realm.  The wording 'parallel connection limit' was given to me in a question from an application developer.

I think he may be asking abou the max session connect limit. 

Thank you again.

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