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py 7 posts Joined 03/16
14 Mar 2016
TPT : multiple sources in an operator ?

Hello everyone,
I tried to find if it was possible to have two sources in the selectStmt of an UPDATE operator (SELECT in oracle WHERE in teradata in my case), or imbricate two operators ?
I have found nothing so I guess it's impossible but I preferred to ask before giving up.
I have two other questions : what is the maximum size of a JOB variable ? Is it possible to put the result of a query into a Job variable ?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
15 Mar 2016

Is this what you want?
Regarding job variables, there's probably a small limit like 1 KB.
You might export a result in a proper format as text and use this as job variables in a following job...


py 7 posts Joined 03/16
15 Mar 2016

Thank you for the answer but that's not what I need for the first part.
What I want to do is SELECT in one source with the WHERE section of an other source .
It's for optimisation because my ORACLE source is SLOW and I have a replication in Teradata (which is faster) of the values I need to filter my Oracle table so I was wondering if it was possible or not.
And for the job variables I think it won't work either because I need to stock between 50000 and 200000 values.
If you have any idea I'll take it, if not I will filter directly on my Oracle table.

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
15 Mar 2016

For Job Variables, as you asking for the size of the name? Or the assigned value?
I believe the assigned value can hold at least 1MB.
We have to because some operator attributes (and therefore job variables) can hold a SQL request, and the max size of a SQL request is 1MB.
As for issuing a SQL where the SELECT is directed at an Oracle table, but the parameters for a WHERE clause come from a Teradata table, no we do not support that.


py 7 posts Joined 03/16
16 Mar 2016

It was for the assigned value, I will check if 1MB is enough for what I need to do.
Thank you for the quick information

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