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adisunny2002 1 post Joined 06/14
22 Dec 2014
TPT log file when run from Informatica

If we run TPT script directly by using tbuild, then it generates job id and basing on that we find the present status by using twbstat and the view the log file by using tlogview.
But if we run TPT from informatica how to get the jobid and the TPT log file.

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
22 Dec 2014

Script-based TPT is a batch job that runs by itself.
When Informatica is used, the ETL tool uses TPTAPI, meaning it has direct access to the operators themselves, but there is no TPT "job". It is an ETL job.
TPTAPI does not generate a job id or a log.


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