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JaimeHolland 35 posts Joined 02/14
11 Jul 2015
TPT - Load progress indication

Hi - what is the best way of seeing how many rows a TPT Load operation has processed?  
Currently, I get little console output, and for large files it can seem like the job has frozen.  
Preferably, it would be good to ouput something to the console every time a batch is inserted (didn't the fastload app do this, for example?) - otherwise, can I get this info from a log?  A "job status" request to twbcmd, results in a little bit of info going to the TWB_STATUS log for the LOAD operator and FILE_READER operator, such as elapsed time, CPU time, etc, but no row counts....

JaimeHolland 35 posts Joined 02/14
17 Jul 2015

Hi, sorry to bump this, but can anybody help?  Should this info be in the logs?

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
17 Jul 2015

"Should it be"?
Some type of reporting is probably warranted, but we do not currently provide any.
We are working on an enhancement to provide the number of rows "sent" to the DBS, but this will only occur at checkpoint time.
FastLoad was a single process and so it could report rows it processed.
With multiple instances of an operator the slave instances do not write to logs or stdout, and only having the master instance reporting information would not be accurate.


VandeBergB 182 posts Joined 09/06
17 Jul 2015

If your concern is whether or not the job is still running, checking the currentperm of the target and error tables in TDAdmin will let you see if the size of the table is still increasing, thus still running..

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JaimeHolland 35 posts Joined 02/14
22 Jul 2015

Thanks both for your help

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