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JaimeHolland 35 posts Joined 02/14
20 Aug 2015
TPT Load errors, exit code

Hi, hopefully an easy to answer question; currently TPT is exiting with a status code of 0 even if rows have been sent to one of the error tables during loading.  Can I get TPT to return a non-zero return code in this case, as otherwise the fact that there are errors could be missed.  

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
25 Aug 2015

Currently, TPT cannot return a non-0 return code if there are rows in one of the error tables.
But we are considering an attribute to the operator in which the user could tell us that they would like the return code to be non-0.


JaimeHolland 35 posts Joined 02/14
26 Aug 2015

I think that would be a good feature, thanks.  My workaround is to parse the TPT output to compare the count of rows sent to the rdbms against the count of rows applied

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