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jnevill 17 posts Joined 03/12
02 Dec 2013
TPT job fails, Log refers to a completely seperate unrelated job

Lately, when running TPT jobs, we've experienced job failures. When looking at the logs for the TPT jobs, sometimes (sporadically) the log will start off normally referencing the correct job, but will switch over a few lines in and reference a completely seperate unrelated job. 
The two jobs don't reference eachother, are ran by two different users both on the OS and the Database, and are not referencing anything related between the two. My only guess so far is that perhaps both of these jobs are being kicked off at the same time are, for some reason, using the same AMP or something.
An example of the log is below (I changed the log's job name to job1 and the conflicting unrelated job to job2):


DDL_OPERATOR: private log not specified
DDL_OPERATOR: connecting sessions
DDL_OPERATOR: sending SQL requests
DDL_OPERATOR: disconnecting sessions
DDL_OPERATOR: Total processor time used = '0.02 Second(s)'
DDL_OPERATOR: Start : Fri Nov 22 01:16:08 2013
DDL_OPERATOR: End   : Fri Nov 22 01:16:08 2013
Job step DELETE_STAGE completed successfully
Teradata Parallel Transporter DataConnector Version
W_0_o_Job1 DataConnector Producer operator Instances: 3
Teradata Parallel Transporter Update Operator Version
W_1_o_Job2: private log not specified
W_0_o_Job1 Operator instance 1 processing file '/job1s/source/file.dat'.
W_1_o_Job2: connecting sessions
W_1_o_Job2: preparing target table(s)
W_1_o_Job2: entering DML Phase
W_1_o_Job2: entering Acquisition Phase
W_0_o_Job1 Total files processed: 0.
W_1_o_Job2: disconnecting sessions
W_1_o_Job2: Total processor time used = '0.38 Second(s)'
W_1_o_Job2: Start : Fri Nov 22 01:16:22 2013
W_1_o_Job2: End   : Fri Nov 22 01:16:31 2013
Job step INS_STAGE terminated (status 12)
Job employee terminated (status 12)

As we are using teradata and TPT more often across our company, we are experiencing more of these failures throughout the day.

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
04 Dec 2013

The console output you provided does not show anything specific other than the job terminated with an exit code of 12 and there is no error message.
Can you please provide more detailed information?


jnevill 17 posts Joined 03/12
05 Dec 2013

The anomoly in the console output is the fact that Job2 shows up in Job1's output at all. It is a completely unrelated job. When this happens, both jobs fail. The only thing related between the two jobs is that they are importing data into the same Teradata server and they are running at the same time. 

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
05 Dec 2013

I have just been told by engineering that this is a known problem and was fixed in efix #12 of TPT 13.00.
Therefore, please upgrade to the latest and greatest patch for TPT 13.00.
Right now, that would be


jnevill 17 posts Joined 03/12
06 Dec 2013

Fantastic! I greatly appreciate the help!

aarsh.dave 24 posts Joined 11/12
26 Dec 2013

Not sure if you are doing it, but have seperate log names for each job. That would help as well.

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