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kusumayella 16 posts Joined 08/10
02 May 2011
TPT issue : not able to open the data file

Anybody has any info related to it.

TPT10517: At least 1 instance could not connect special sessions

I have checked in log,It has the following content

TPT01514: Error: Unable to Open File. Error code 2, Reason code 530, Class code 501

No such file or directory

file is in specified path itself and it has permissions too.


feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
04 May 2011

Well, we actually have 2 things going on here.
I will check on the TPT01514 error. That is an infrastructure error.
The first one though, TPT10517, is from the operator. And the error is self -explanatory.
You specified the job to use more than 1 isntance and at least one of the instances could not connect any of the "special" data sessions.
(The FastLoad and MultiLoad protocols use special sessions to send data to the AMPs.)

All instances you specify must connect at least one session.
If any instance cannot connect any, then that is an error condition.

Please change your script so that you use the proper number instances (you cannot specify more instances than you have available AMPs on the system).

BTW, how many instances did you specify, and how many AMPs are available on your system?


kusumayella 16 posts Joined 08/10
11 May 2011

Thanks .

I have used only one instance in my script.I am not clear why I ran through this error.
Now it's working fine but I didn't change anything in script.
Only I have removed data file and take the fresh copy of it again and ran .Target Table got loaded with proper number of records.

Thanks for your help.

geromef 1 post Joined 04/16
14 Apr 2016

Hi, I've been reading on these TPT posts and I wanted a little clarification on something.. the post might be old but still hoping to get a response.
I understand that each operator connects 1 session per AMP to the TD database..
Assuming we do not specify min and max session in our tpt script, how does setting utilitydatasize small/medium/large in the queryband affect the sessions connecting to the database?
Does the job still try the 1 session per AMP connection or is the job immedetely restricted by the utilitydatasize sessions?

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
14 Apr 2016

Next, it might be best to start a new thread, as your question does not really pertain to "not able to open the data file".
However, you asked a good question.
If you do not provide a value for MaxSessions, the Load and Update operators will connect 1 per "available" AMP.
If you set up workload management options to manage and control the number of sessions that can be used for particular jobs, those settings in TASM will override whatever was provided (or not provided) in the TPT scripts. The Load and Update operators have a special protocol they execute prior to connecting the data sessions and TASM will effectively tell the operator how many sessions to use. It is an absolute value (it could even be higher than the value provided in the script), and the operators will use that value. The user cannot override that.


NSTD 2 posts Joined 05/16
10 May 2016

Hi Steve,
I am building a TPT export script and it is taking 14 minutes for exporting 1GB of data which I feel is not effecient.
I have defined my MaxSessions  = 10 and MinSessions  = 10 in my script but when I can check the viewpoint, only 5 sessions are running for this job, out of which 1 is DBC/SQL and rest 4 are for EXPORT. However I see only the DBC/SQL session is active and EXPORT sessions are in idle state. Any idea/ help to increase the effeciency will greatly help
I am using below operators: 

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
11 May 2016

First, when using a consumer operator, please use the syntax "SCHEMA *".
Do not hardcode a schema name.
This is because the schema might change. The Export operator might export 'n' columns, but it might be possible that the SELECT in the APPLY-SELECT could filter out some columns. This causes the columns being processed by the consumer operator to change. It is always better to use SCHEMA * and let the TPT infrastructure tell the consumer operator which columns will be arriving.
As for sessions, if you take a look at the Export operator log, you will probably see that the number of sessions to use was modified by TASM. If that is the case, then you may need to use Query Band to tell the DBS that the size of your job is larger and you need more sessions.


BrainDrain 1 post Joined 05/16
18 May 2016

Going back to the original question: Did we ever find out what causes the error TPT01514: Error: Unable to Open File. Error code 2, Reason code 530, Class code 501
I am getting this error on every TPT script I have run for the last month, but it did not happen previously - I suspect it is something to do with having my client software upgraded from 14.00 to 14.10, but am unsure as to why I am receiving the error or how to resolve.

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
18 May 2016

That message (ac cryptic as it is) is coming from the logger, which means it is having trouble opening up the job log.
Are you sure that the user has write access to the directory in which the log is being placed?


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