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thompsonhab 13 posts Joined 09/12
17 Feb 2014
TPT - Handling Delimited File with Embedded CR\LF in field

I have a file which is comma delimited with fields in double quotes and some comment fields have embedded CR/LF within the fields. How do I preserve the CR\LF and load the file using TPT Load Operator? I keep getting the error - Delimited Data Parsing error: Too few columns in row nnnnn because it treats the CR\LF within the field as a new row.
Here are my varchar attributes set:



"FileName" = 'temp.csv', 

"Format" = 'DELIMITED', 

"OpenMode" = 'Read', 

"DirectoryPath" = 'C:\Users\xxxxx\Desktop', 

"IndicatorMode" = 'N', 

"TextDelimiter" = ',',

"CloseQuoteMark" = '"',

"OpenQuoteMark" = '"',

"QuotedData" = 'Y'


Gokul G 1 post Joined 03/16
21 Mar 2016

I am also facing similar issue, my delimiter is "|" and it is failing with Delimited Data Parsing error: Too few columns in row 1.
When I converted this to fixed width, same file is loaded to my target table with the new line replaced with a space.
Am using - Teradata Parallel Transporter Version 14.10.


feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
21 Mar 2016

Re: Thompson: you did not indicate which version of TPT you are running.
TPT versions prior to 15.10 do not support embedded CR/LF, even in quoted strings.


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