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teranerd 7 posts Joined 05/10
30 Jun 2010
tpt export import

I have been doing teradata export and import through named pipe until i used tpt. But now after i learnt how to write a tpt, i have been using import from export operator in tpt. I have used it but unfortunately, i could not find much information on how and where the data is stored intermitently after export is done before it is imported using a load/update operators.

can someone please help me find this information or provide inputs on this?

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
02 Jul 2010

Thank you for trying TPT. I think you will find it easier to do export-to-load with TPT than trying to use FastExport and FastLoad (or MultiLoad) with named pipes and all of the coordination needed.

TPT uses shared memory to pass the data buffers from the "producer" operators (i.e. Export operator) to the "consumer" operators (i.e. Load or Update operator).

We do not use named pipes and we do not use intermediate disk storage. And the export and load is taking place in parallel at the same time. They are not sequential operations.


teranerd 7 posts Joined 05/10
06 Jul 2010


Where does this shared memory exist? on the file system?

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
12 Jul 2010

We use the system's virtual memory. We do not use a file system.


Srichakra 15 posts Joined 11/11
07 Dec 2011

Hi am using utilities from past 3 years onwards .Recently  i saw new tool TPT posts ,its look like too intresting and the features giving strange results .


please help me out i need manuals which will give information in easy manner.

and i need information .how to install and where i get the patches related to TPT.

please provide

Thanks in advance


No dought am eagerly wait for response .


feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
08 Dec 2011

Our documentation is on the official Teradata Information website.

As for patches, you will have to discuss with your rep about accessing Teradata At Your Service.



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