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SebastianJoseph 2 posts Joined 07/10
16 Dec 2013
TPT error - TPT

I'm getting the following error when launching a TPT job from the command line -
"Teradata Parallel Transporter Version
TPT_INFRA: TPT04013: Error: opening temporary job script output file: "No such file or directory" (2).
Job script compilation failed.
Job terminated with status 12."
The user id does have write access to the checkpoint and logs folder as specified in the twbcfg.ini File. Any suggestions?

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
16 Dec 2013

In TPT13.10, while processing the script we create some temporary files in the current working directory.
Please make sure the user has the proper access rights to that directory.


SebastianJoseph 2 posts Joined 07/10
17 Dec 2013

The job is being launched from the /home/<user> directory of the <user> itself.  Not sure if the following helps - I had set up a twbcfg.ini file in the /home/<user>   directory and was able to run jobs successfully with the logs and checkpoints being written into subdirectories within the /home/<user> directory . However I noticed that commands like twbstat and tlogview were not working.  So I got rid of the twbcfg.ini file from the /home/<user> directory. 

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
13 Jan 2014

Right now, the only thing I can suggest is for you to install the latest patches for TPT 13.10, which is But you must install the patches for all of the TPT packages.
The issue you are seeing looks to be related to another issue fixed in the patches.


ratchetandclank 49 posts Joined 01/08
14 Jan 2014

The ".twbcfg.ini" file in the home directory of the user provides a way for the user to change the checkpoint and logs directory, and they should work just fine if the user has proper permissions setup. 
If you are still having issues, please post the output of "twbstat" and "tlogview". 

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