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jenish2020 1 post Joined 08/15
14 Aug 2015
TPT error: Teradata CLI Error and Teradata PT API Error

Hi all,
I am Loading 27 tables in Teradata from 1 xml file using single Informatica map with TPT connection in Target.  The load was running fine for several days but suddenly throwed the below error.

Message Code: TPTWR_220 

Message: [ERROR] Type:(Teradata CLI Error), Error: (CLI error 220 (no message text available))


I just re-started the workflow after dropping the ET tables. This time an different error was throwed.


Message Code: TPTWR_21014

Message: [ERROR] Type:(Teradata PT API Error), Error: (Invalid arguments passed to PutBuffer) 


Can someone explain me the reason for these two failures


Teradata version: 15.0

Informatica Version: 9.6.1




feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
14 Aug 2015

A CLI220 error is a DBS crash message.
After the DBS came back up, you might have been able to resume the job but I do not know how Informatica would handle that.
You dropped the ET error tables, but do you know which TPTAPI operators you were using in the job, and what version of TPTAPI you were using?


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