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datamo 2 posts Joined 01/14
09 Mar 2014
TPT 14.10 error with fifo input files

Hi everyone!!
I have several tpt scripts (which input is a fifo file) that used to run properly in tpt 13.0, now the system in which I'm working is upgrading to 14.10 and the scripts fails...
the error is:
        "TPT19120 !ERROR! multi-instance read feature requires REGULAR file names."
I've tried to run de tpt sample scripts founded in  
/opt/teradata/client/14.10/tbuild/sample/userguide/02b    (your installation path)  this sample show how to run tpt with an input fifo file, but I get the same error:

"TPT19120 !ERROR! multi-instance read feature requires REGULAR file names. 'data/datapipe' is not a REGULAR file."


Anyone know what is happening? Are there any parameter I've to define in order to get input data from a fifo file? 


I can't find any differences in paper related to this error... and the scripts in 13.0 runs fine!


Thanks in advance for your help!!!

datamo 2 posts Joined 01/14
12 Mar 2014

Problem solved!!
This appear to be a known problem, JIRA TPT-18991, exposed in version and fixed in version
So if someone are using TPT and have the same problem, can solve it upgrading to the latest TPT version available (as of today TPT
Good Luck!

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
12 Mar 2014

what does the "-1" mean in your version numbers (e.g.


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