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chinthucs 5 posts Joined 04/12
14 Mar 2014
TerradataParallelTransporter-Load error

Error occured during Initiate

loadop.dll) instance(1): INITIATE method failed with status = Not Found

Type: 0

Driver Terminated with status 3

Deleting objects

*** Load Complete ***


The above error occurs when we execute loadoperation using terradataparallel transporter.



We use jni to connect with c++ below is the source which is used to execute load operation.



"TARGET.ATTRIBUTES.UserName = 'dbc'\n"+

"TARGET.ATTRIBUTES.UserPassword = 'dbc'\n"+

"TARGET.ATTRIBUTES.LogTable = 'TiaraDB.Employeeinformation_log'\n"+

"TARGET.ATTRIBUTES.TargetTable = 'TiaraDB.Employeeinformation'\n"+

"TARGET.ATTRIBUTES.TdpId = 'localtd'\n"+

"DML.STATEMENT='INSERT INTO TiaraDB.Employeeinformation (empid,empname,empdesig,empsalary,empmail,empaddress,e mpzip,empcity,empstate,empcountry) VALUES (:empid,:empname,:empdesig,:empsalary,:empmail,: empaddress,:empzip,:empcity,:empstate,:empcountry);'\ n"+

"SOURCE.SCHEMA='EmpId VARCHAR(5),EmpName VARCHAR(30),EmpDesig VARCHAR(10),EmpSalary VARCHAR(50),empmail VARCHAR(50),EmpAddress VARCHAR(50),EmpZip VARCHAR(50),EmpCity VARCHAR(50),EmpState VARCHAR(50),EmpCountry VARCHAR(50))'\n"+

"SOURCE.ATTRIBUTES.FileName = 'TDExportData.txt'\n"+


"SOURCE.ATTRIBUTES.OpenMode = 'Read'\n"+

"SOURCE.ATTRIBUTES.DirectoryPath = 'C:\\eclipse'\n"+

"SOURCE.ATTRIBUTES.IndicatorMode = 'N'\n"+

"SOURCE.ATTRIBUTES.TextDelimiter = ','";


Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
14 Mar 2014

I haven't used this JNI / C++ approach, but I suspect backslashes will still need to be doubled within in the resulting script; you may need to enter four in a row in DirectoryPath.

chinthucs 5 posts Joined 04/12
17 Mar 2014

What are the possibilities to get this error i.e any missing params will cause this error? or any pblm in dll

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
17 Mar 2014

The Teradata JDBC Driver is the supported interface for Java applications to transfer data to and from the Teradata Database.
Using JNI with TPT is not supported.

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