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rluebke 65 posts Joined 11/05
05 Nov 2011
Teradata Wallet

Can someone direct me to documentation on how to use Teradata Wallet? Specifically, is it just for v14 (or can it be used in v13)  and an example of how to incorporate it into a BTEQ script.


ShawnShealy 2 posts Joined 10/11
07 Nov 2011

Hi Rluebke,

Teradata Wallet is supported with Teradata Database versions 13.10, 13.0, 12.0, and V2R6.2.

To use an item from your wallet when connecting to a Teradata Database, you can supply $tdwallet(put_item_name_here) in place of your database password.

For example, if you add an item to your wallet as follows:

  $ tdwallet add password_proddev
  Enter desired value for the string named "password_proddev":
  String named "password_proddev" added.

You could then use a BTEQ script like:

$ cat deptquery.txt
  .logon proddev/joem,$tdwallet(password_proddev)
  SELECT * FROM department;
  $ bteq < deptquery.txt
  BTEQ Mon Oct 12 15:55:38 2011
  .LOGON slugger/joe,
  *** Logon successfully completed.

This technique works with software that uses Teradata CLIv2 to connect to the Teradata Database such as:

    - Basic Teradata Query Utility (BTEQ)
    - Teradata FastLoad
    - Teradata MultiLoad
    - Teradata Parallel Data Pump (TPump)
    - Teradata FastExport
    - Teradata ARC
    - Teradata Preprocessor2 (PP2)
    - Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT)

You must be using a TTU 14.0 version of Teradata CLIv2 (preferably the version of Teradata CLIv2, or later) for this to work.

Hope it helps!
-shawn   :-)


ShawnShealy 2 posts Joined 10/11
07 Nov 2011

A clarification: Teradata Wallet is included only in the 14.0 version of the Teradata Tools and Utilities (TTU).

-shawn   :-)

vijaychris 11 posts Joined 05/09
08 Nov 2011

Cool feature :-) Is there one for Mainframe TTU 14.0 ?

28 Aug 2012

It's easy enough to get tdwallet working with bteq, but does anyone have instructions for how to reference a wallet string from within a TPT script. I have tried several variations on the syntax used for bteq without success.

Specifically, the TPT script in the DDL operator, for example, requires a value for UserPassword:


    VARCHAR PrivateLogName = 'ddl_log',
    VARCHAR TdpId = @jobvar_tdpid,
    VARCHAR UserName = @jobvar_username,
    VARCHAR UserPassword = @jobvar_password,
    VARCHAR WorkingDatabase = @jobvar_working_database,
    VARCHAR ARRAY ErrorList = ['3807','3803','5980']

How can I replace that file or command-line provided @jobvar_password with a wallet reference?


feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
29 Aug 2012

Have you tried putting the text "$tdwallet(put_item_name_here)" as the value of the UserPassword attribute (or on the command line with the -u option, or in the job variable file)?


DBAMagicman 2 posts Joined 10/12
03 Oct 2012

I tried using TDWallet with two different utilities .BTEQ (T14.0.0.4) and ARCMAIN (T14.0.0.3). It seemed to have worked fine with BTEQ but gave an error in ARCMAIN.Im using CLIV2 T14.0.0.4.


BTEQ script


.logon myprod/nuser1,$tdwallet(prod1)






.logon myprod/nparcuser1,


 *** Logon successfully completed.




10/03/2012 03:03:47     ***   ****    ****

10/03/2012 03:03:47    *   *  *   *  *        PROGRAM: ARCMAIN

10/03/2012 03:03:47    *****  ****   *        RELEASE:

logon myprod/nuser1,$tdwallet(prod1);

10/03/2012 03:04:11  LOGON MYPROD/nuser1,;

10/03/2012 03:04:11  *** Failure 8017:The UserId, Password or Account is invalid.


KJH 1 post Joined 04/10
02 Jan 2013

Since TD Wallet usernames and passwords contain special characters, you must use double quotation marks to log on, such as:
logon myprod/nuser1,"$tdwallet(prod1)";

11 Jan 2016

how do we specify the LDAP in Teradata wallet

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