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vggandhiusa 1 post Joined 03/13
24 Mar 2013
Teradata tools in VMWare Teradata Express

Hi All ,
I have successfully installed Teradata Express 14.0 VMWare image.  I was also successful in logging in and checking that BTEQ is available.
However, I don't find or see anything for teradata utilties inside this image , even though information on installation page says teradata tools and utilities should be available in the image. Here is the link I followed for installation : introduction-to-teradata-express-for-vmware-player
This page says that teradata tools and utilities should be available : teradata-express-14-0-for-vmware-now-available
There is folder created called Teradata tools inside this VM, but nothing really happens when I click on icons inside ( except Studio icon , which was started successfully )
I would like to know if teradata utilities such as FastLoad, Multiload, FastExport, Tpump and TPT are included in VMWare image 14.0 or not ?  If they are included , can anyone suggest how to start them ?  
Thanks in advance !

amittera 35 posts Joined 12/09
24 Mar 2014

Please  help on the above concern , as  i am on the same track.

Amit Saxena
Teradata Consultant

sgarlapa 88 posts Joined 03/13
24 Mar 2014

Please try installing Teradata tools on your host machine (windows 7) through below link and configure the DSNs for SQL assistant and administrator,bteq...etc with IP number of Teradata 14 linux host.

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