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eddie.yasi 2 posts Joined 02/12
31 Jan 2013
Teradata Studio not generating correct DDL for table?

I'm using Teradata Studio v14.01.0.201206111225, and noticed that if I create a table as MULTISET, and later right-click the table, and in the Teradata sub-menu select Show DDL it correctly creates a CREATE MULTISET TABLE.... statement.
However, if I right-click the table and choose Generate DDL, the final statement generated is just CREATE TABLE...   I looked through the various options and didn't see anything to change that behavior.
Is that a bug with Generate DDL in Teradata Studio, or am I missing an option that will make it generate the proper DDL for a MULTISET table?

Chuckbert 78 posts Joined 07/09
01 Feb 2013

Teradata Studio 14.01 does not generate all the elements of a table. Its DDL generator deals with parts of the table that are in its internal model of a table and that doesn't contain all of what can be defined.
The DDL generator of the 14.02 version of Studio will report the database's definition of the table. That version of Studio is coming soon.

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