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stubbsz 1 post Joined 11/10
15 Dec 2011
teradata studio express - Connecting for the first time

Connecting to Terdata though this tool is taking a LONG time.  I think it may be because it is downloading tons of Schema information... the progress tells me "Loading Core provider".  Is this step taken everytime or is it a one time deal?


Hoping I have a tool that will be easier than using VMWARE to get to SQL Assistant.



fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
15 Dec 2011


You can filter out schemas you don't need or include only those you want. If you right click on the connection profile and select Properties, there is an option to create a Schema Filter (Default Schema Filter). Uncheck the Disable filter option and you can enter an expression for including schemas.

Or, if you want to include specific schemas, you can create a filter on the Schemas folder. This filter will perform a one-time load of all schemas to get the list of schema names. You can then select the schemas and next time it will only load those.

pbbass 4 posts Joined 05/11
20 Aug 2012

Trying to start Teradata Studio Express for the first time and it seems to crash.  The first screen appears for 3-4 seconds and then shuts down.

Appreciate any suggestions.

Chuckbert 78 posts Joined 07/09
21 Aug 2012

@pbbass What version of Java do you have installed. There is a problem using Java 7. Also, did you install the appropriate version (32-bit vs. 64-bit) of Studio Express for your version of Java?

Running the command "java -version" will report the version and architecture for Java.

pbbass 4 posts Joined 05/11
21 Aug 2012

I did have Java 7 and removed it.  I now have Java 6 as recommended.  This still didn't solve the problem.

Solution was to remove TD Studio Express and install Teradata Studio instead, this solved the problem.

Thanks for the suggestion.

zeringue 1 post Joined 06/14
01 Oct 2014

Sorry to post on an old thread, but you say "enter an expression for including schemas". I am wondering what kind of expression is allowed. I have tried a number of delimiter/expression models to filter on multiple sets of schemas.
Let's say I have a bunch of schemas named like:
where xxxx is a 4-digit integer. And let's say that I mostly use ACPxxxx schemas and sometimes use APCxxxx schemas, but I never use AIPxxxx schemas. So I would really like to not even see the AIPxxxx schemas but would like to see the other two. Is there a way to do this?
To be sure, I know the two options below but am hoping there is a more elegant solution.
a) "change the selection criteria to 'Name does not start with'." Because my actual use case has many more naming conventions than the 3 listed above and a single "type" of schema to filter is fairly useless to me
b) "just use the check box option." Because my database has hundreds of schemas and I am hoping there is a more elegant solution than manually checking a box for every schema I do/don't want to see.
I am using Teradata Studio Express 14.2... (unfortunately I am not able to update to a new version at will, if that is the only solution) on Windows 7

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