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pdruley 3 posts Joined 01/10
28 Feb 2012
Teradata Studio Express 14 - Copy bound to Ctrl+Insert - Why?

Upgraded SQL Assistant JE to Studio Express and everything is great until I try and copy text from the Scrapbook.  At which point I find out that "Copy" is bound to "Ctrl+Insert". I scramble to the preferences to change the binding and find out that "Copy" is bound to both "Ctrl+Insert" and "Ctrl+C" but unfortunately the latter doesn't work.  All my attempts to change the binding are unsuccessful and to be honest it should be the default behaviour for "Ctrl+C" to "Copy".

Has there been a recent patch?  Am I the only person still using "Ctrl+C"?  Is there a special way to change the binding?

Thanks for your help,


Chuckbert 78 posts Joined 07/09
28 Feb 2012

This problem has been discussed in the article

The workaround for the problem shown there is:

In the meantime, there is a work around by removing the ctrl-Insert key binding. This seems to be blocking the ctrl-C. Bring up the Preferences dialog. Go to General>Keys. Scroll down and select the Copy Ctrl+Insert key binding. Click Unbind Command. Restart Teradata Studio Express. The cntrl-C should be enabled for SQL Editor and Teradata View SQL window.


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