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k3na 19 posts Joined 09/14
27 May 2015
Teradata Studio and Teradata Analyst Pack

Hello everybody,

I would like to investigate possibilities of Teradata Visual Explain and I'm using Teradata Express Studio (v. 15.00) to connect our Teradata installation. To use the tool, I need Teradata Analyst Pack. Is the tool available for partners, and if yes, how can we get access to it?

Many thanks!

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
27 May 2015

I would suggest working through your Teradata Partners contact. 

skunkwerk 17 posts Joined 08/15
06 Apr 2016

Why does the link on the analyst tools page not work?  Why is it not on the downloads page?  This is lousy freaking support, and Teradata doesn't seem to care.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
06 Apr 2016

Some software (like the Analyst Pack) is only available for licensed sites and not via DevEx-download.
In fact most customer sites don't want/like/allow end users to install software on their own because they prefer to have the same version on all clients (supportability). Then all software is downloaded from the Teradata at Your Service-site (T@YS) and made available to end users.
So most of the downloads on this site are mainly for users without an actual TD system (and thus without access to T@YS). 
You might simply ask your DBA for the latest TTU.


gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
06 Apr 2016

The Teradata Analyst Pack has been a subset of the TTU offering and something we had charged for in the past. The Analyst Pack was comprised of four offerings: Index Wizard, Stats Wizard, Visual Explain, and Teradata System Emulation Tool (TSET). Stats Wizard was discontinued when we introduced Auto-Stats within Teradata Database and visualized in Viewpoint. The other three offerings still exist and I'm pretty sure are all part of the general TTU download. 

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