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rychitre 25 posts Joined 04/07
22 Dec 2014
Teradata Sql Assistant V13.10 error

I installed Teradata Sql Assistant V 13.10 on new machine. When I open it, it gives error as ‘Microsoft Access Database Engine [ACEDAO.dll] not found, or not registered correctly. History will not be available. ‘. With this error, we are not able to see the history. How to fix this error?

MikeDempsey 94 posts Joined 10/06
22 Dec 2014

We stopped using ACEDAO a long time ago because there were issues with Microsoft's support for multiple versions [32 vs 64 bit] of MS Office. (they dont allow multiple versions on the same system)
You must be using a very old version of 13.10.
Download the latest version (This is a TTU 13.10 version)
(This version was released 18 months ago.)

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