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krehkop 7 posts Joined 01/15
22 Jan 2015
Teradata SQL Assistant (SQL to highlight columns in results)

Does anyone know how to write code to have a column, or columns, be highligted in the result set?  Or, maybe have the font a different color...?
I can manually double-click a row header once the results are returned and the format cells window opens, from here I can highlight a column but I'd rather not have to search for that, highlight, etc.

krehkop 7 posts Joined 01/15
22 Jan 2015

Also, should I be receiving a notification (e.g. via email) when someone responds to a post?

Tuen 44 posts Joined 07/05
24 Jan 2015

i'm pretty sure what your asking for isn't doable inside SQL Assistant.  It doesn't provide facilities to do that with-in SQL Assistant like you might be able to do inside Excel or even a standard Text Editor.  There is no sort of macro facility like in UltraEdit, Textpad, or scripting/macro in Excel.  you would probably be better off saving the result to Excel and doing something there.
As to email notifications, i believe you have to configure that in your profile, not sure that is an automatically enabled feature.

krehkop 7 posts Joined 01/15
26 Jan 2015

Thank you Tuen, much appreciated...

MikeDempsey 94 posts Joined 10/06
26 Jan 2015

Tuen is correct.
The only highlighting built in to the result sets is the option to display negative numbers in red.
You can modify the highlighting in the Query window, or in Explain results, or in Show or Help results [all of which are displayed as text] but not in regular result sets that are displayed in spreadsheets.

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