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mannkothari 1 post Joined 01/16
21 Jan 2016
Teradata SQL Assistant - Multiple Answer Window Tiles Merge

I am using SQL Assistant, and i want to change settings for multiple answerset. Currently its opening in multiple tiles, making 4 tiles - 1 for Query,1 for History and 2 for Answerset(more depend on queries). How can we merge Answer set in one tile with multiple Tabs, the way multiple Query window works. Please guide.
To get multiple answerset - i have changed the settings 
Tools>option>query > Close Answerset windows before submitting a new query [checked]
still issue is up and its opening in multiple tiles and making my query windows small.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
21 Jan 2016

Tools > General > Use a separate Answer window for

teragurl 1 post Joined 03/16
01 Mar 2016

Window > Tabbed

reddro52 1 post Joined 10/15
08 Sep 2016

I'm having the same problem. 
The Query window is tabbed, so that I can have multiple queries available.  I can't find a way to get the results presented in one window with tabs, though.  I'm sure that in older versions, "Use a separate Answer window - Never" created tabs in the Answerset window.  Now every option replaces the results, without tabs to be able to see previous results.

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