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bhupesh_mistry9 1 post Joined 03/16
04 Mar 2016
Teradata SQL Assistant 14 - History Window keeps moving

Is there a way to lock the history window in SQL assistant to the right bottom corner of the application just like in the older versions if Queryman?

MikeDempsey 94 posts Joined 10/06
07 Mar 2016

By 'older' I assume you mean the old VB versions - 12.0 and earlier.
.Net does not provide as much control over the z-order of tiled windows so although i added additional code to try to force History to be the last window it doesn't always work.
Sometimes moving the focus to a different window and re-doing the 'Tile' will fix it ... but not always.
The best alternative is to switch to 'Tabbed' mode (on the Windows menu) and then create a second tab group for History. That will put History at the bottom and it will not move. You have to decide whether to display the Answersets in the upper (with Queries) or lower (with History) group. I think most floks put answersets in the lower group with History - But history will then be the left most tab in the lower group unless you manually move it.
The only drawback is if you need to be able to look at 2 answersets at once. In that case you have to drag one of them to the other group. (at least temporarily)
Note that each window type remembers which group it belongs to for 'future' windows. That is controlled by the last window of that type to close, so if you have dragged an Answerset to the upper group either drag it back before you close it, or make sure you close another one after you close that one. (Otherwise you'll have to drag the next new Answerset you create down to the bottom group again.)

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