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sakthik 17 posts Joined 10/10
08 Dec 2010
Teradata PT - ODBC and Load operator - Release lock on target tables

Hi All,

How to release lock on Fastload target tables when the input data is data stream from oracle database. we are using odbc operator as producer to extract data and load operator as consumer operator.

I read in this forum that for file to table loading , when the job get paused , we have to pass empty file to the producer operator to release lock , but in case of odbc operator there won't be any file .In that case how to release it.


ratchetandclank 49 posts Joined 01/08
13 Dec 2010

You have to drop the error tables, log table, target table, and recreate them. Thats the easy way.

ratchetandclank 49 posts Joined 01/08
13 Dec 2010

If you want to release the lock in a different way other than what is mentioned above, you have to define LOAD operator as standalone, specify the exact names of target, error and log tables as you did in the failed job, have no INSERT statements in your APPLY clause, and execute the job..

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
16 Dec 2010

We modified the Load operator (and TPT infrastructure) to allow the Load operator to run without data coming from data streams, so that we could emulate what is done in FastLoad with just the specification of the BEGIN LOADING and END LOADING.

To do this, the syntax is:

TO OPERATOR (operator-name[1]);

This in effect tells the Load operator that there is no INSERT statement, no data stream (thus no data, which means no acquisition phase) and the operator will go directly to the application phase (issuing the END LOADING).

The application phase will complete (if it is in a state that enables it to complete) and the table will be unlocked.


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