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MANOJP 1 post Joined 04/12
16 May 2012
Teradata PT API Error - Row length exceeds maximum defined by the table schema



I'm new to Teradata PT API and am using PT API programming to intract (Load/Unload) with Teradata.

First I try to load the data using TD_LOAD operator with flat file as a source.

I have set all required attribute,created a source schema and using "INSERT" query to load the data.

While excuting my program I'm getting the following error.


Error occured during Acquisition

Row length exceeds maximum defined by the table schema

Driver Terminated with status 3


And I went through Teradata PT API programming guide to fix this error but couldn't find out a solution for this. 

The PT API document says that the source file should be in null indicator format.


Please guide me to generate a null indicator file and give some samples.



feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
17 May 2012

TPTAPI does not care about the data in the file, because TPTAPI does not have the ability to read from a file. You application must read the data from the file and provide the data to the TPT Load operator in the proper format.



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