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Rohan_Sawant 55 posts Joined 07/14
17 Dec 2014

Hi All,
Can anyone please help me out in extracting the Teradata Profiler queries? I would like to know what kind of queries does the Teradata Profiler make in detail if possible

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
17 Dec 2014

I remember vaguely how I resolved once the issue, when I tweaked a query, 2 years back. I do not know if TD Profiler has changed , the look and feel since then. I think in INPUT, OUTPUT, RESULTS... It may be hiding under [REPORTS, DATA, SQL]. If my memory does not fail it is on  SQL tab, I could see the generated SQL.
Like other profilers, it must be there. Just see the tabs.

Raja K Thaw
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Rohan_Sawant 55 posts Joined 07/14
17 Dec 2014

Hi Raja_KT,
I could see the SQL's in SQL tab but I just want the standard queries used in Profiler. I wanted to understand the standard ways in which a Profiler does profiling of data. If someone has the same segregated then it would or else need to research on the same

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
22 Dec 2014

If I want to know the exact SQL submitted by an application I simlpy extract it from DBQL :)


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