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NMadson-3173 44 posts Joined 09/06
01 Feb 2007
Teradata Parallel Transporter ODBC connection fails

I've just started working the Teradata Parallel Transporter utility. I'm attempting to import data from an Oracle datable. However, when I attempt to establish the connection, I get an error message "There was a database access error – check privledges.” I can access the tables in question through SQL*Plus, MS Access and SQL Assistant; so there is not a privledges problem. Any ideas what you might need to tweak in TPT to get the ODBC connection to work?NM

NMadson-3173 44 posts Joined 09/06
05 Feb 2007

I think somebody responded to my personal email (which I can't access at work) rather than here. If I remember the questions they were about the Oracle ODBC driver I've successfully used with SQL Assistant, SQL*Plus and MS Access. I don't know where we got it; it was on my machine when I came to work here. It is the Oracle ODBC driver provided by Oracle. Ours is version; SQORA32.DLL, dated 11/1/02.The ORAODBC.INI file text is:[Oracle ODBC Driver Common]Driver Logging=0RemoveControlChars=NOLockTimeOut=0Proxy Access=0[Oracle ODBC Driver for Rdb]Transport=2=tcp/ip,1=decnetClient Logging=0FetchAhead=YESNetworkBufferSize=1300There was mention of "file level permissions"(?) I'm not sure which file permissions would be involved.Nolan

NMadson-3173 44 posts Joined 09/06
09 Feb 2007

An update - I was able to create a TPT script using an ODBC connection to DB2. It seems as tho TPT has some problems with my Oracle ODBC driver than SQL Assistant and other tools don't.Nolan

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