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TDHS9 5 posts Joined 04/12
02 Jan 2013
Teradata Parallel Transporter : NoPI Tables not supported

Source : SQL Server
Destination : Teradata 13.10
Both Source and Destination tables have NoPI.

I am not able to generate Load scripts using Teradata Parallel Transporter Wizard for tables without primary index(NoPI), As these table names are not available in 'Job Destination' window in wizard.
If I create  PI on these tables I can see in 'Job Destination' window.
My Question....

1) Is this a TPT limitation?
     If not ... plz help me! :)


2) If I create scripts manually, can I be able to use 'Easy Loader' /tbuild ?

- Thanks

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
04 Jan 2013

We are not adding any additional support to the Wizard.
The best thing to do is to generate a script by hand and use "tbuild".


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