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leo.issac 184 posts Joined 07/06
02 Sep 2009
Teradata Geospatial application setup -help needed?

Can someone guide me in installing teradata Geospatial software?

I have the following setup

1.Teradata database version 12.0 running on Linux server
2.Teradata Tools and utilities Version T13 running on Windows XP

How do I setup the the software on my client machine and install the related UDFs and functions on database side. Does this application work with the setup I have?

Mikec 28 posts Joined 03/09
03 Sep 2009

Use the Tags Feature in DevX to get to and you will see all the articles tagged for this subject.

12 Nov 2009

Leo, if you upgrade to TD13, I can help you with the process.


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