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05 Nov 2015
Teradata CRM Help Needed

Hi all,
I'm a technical recruiter working with Randstad Technologies, but I'm not here trying to badger people about new job opportunities (though if you're interested, let me know). I am working on a Teradata Administrator/Specilaist role for an insurance client of ours on the east coast that needs a strong background with the Teradata CRM suite, and also interaction with tools such as Customer Interaction Manager (CIM), Real-time Interaction Manager (RTIM), and Digital Media Center (DMC). After weeks of searching and researching, I have yet to find anyone with that sort of experience/skillset. Am I way off in my search or is there another way to go about finding these qualified candidates? Please let me know if anyone has any insight... 
PS - $500 referral bonus paid by Randstad for placed candidates, so if you know of anyone (Teradata or otherwise), feel free to get in touch.
- Mike McKeon

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