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21 Oct 2014
Teradata Administrator References and Procedures

When inside Teradata Administrator it is possible to right click on an object and select “References”, to get a list of object where it is used.
We are doing some cleanup in the database, and when I right click on a table and select References, I get a list of all the macros where this table is used. But in some cases a table is also used in procedures, but there are not listed any procedures when using this Reference function.
Why are there not listed any Procedures when selecting References?
If we need to find all procedures where a table is used, what do we then do?
Peter Schwennesen

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
21 Oct 2014

Hi Peter,
TD Admin runs a LIKE on the internal CreateText of Views and Macros (and it will not return nested objects).
But the source code of an SP is not stored in any system table, only a SHOW PROCEDURE will return it (unless it's defined with NO SPL).
The only way to get what you want is Teradata's Metadata Services (MDS), but this is an addon which might not be installed on your system.


21 Oct 2014

Hi Dieter
Peter Schwennesen

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