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simhall 1 post Joined 06/15
10 Jun 2015
TDWallet - Works for password but not username in connection string.

Hi everyone,
I'm working on a system where we're connecting to a Teradata system through a python module. The module uses a connection string in the following format:
I've set up a Teradata wallet storing both the username and password. Replacing *MYPASSWORD* with $tdwallet(password_test) works well but when I'm replacing *MYUSER* with $tdwallet(username_test) it does not work.
Any ideas why this can be? All and any input appreciated. Thank you.

MaxG 9 posts Joined 09/11
10 Jun 2015

I'm guessing your connection string is going to the Teradata ODBC driver? Which version? Have you tried the latest efix? What are the details of "does not work"?
If the password works, the username should also work. Make sure the wallet item value was entered correctly (in your example the value would be MYUSER). If it still doesn't work, please capture the TDWALLET log file (described in the "Introducing Teradata Wallet" article on Developer Exchange).

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