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gl255000 3 posts Joined 08/14
21 May 2015
TDGeoimport on Linux

Hi everyone! I've been using the TDGeimport Tool on Windows but I have to migrate all the ETL process to Linux, and now I have to Install TDGeoimport on Linux, is there a version for Linux? Or there is one single version that works with Windows and Linux?


If there is only one single version, does anyone knows how to install it?


Thanks for the help!

Tuen 44 posts Joined 07/05
24 May 2015

TDGeoimport is a windows only tool.  It is using some libraries that only work in windows, so there isn't a version that I am aware of that will run in Linux.  

gl255000 3 posts Joined 08/14
25 May 2015

Thanks for your answer Tuen!

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