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04 Dec 2014
tbuild with -v option

Hi, I wanted to run the tbuild command using the local variables file.  Currently I have it running successfully without the -v option, but the local file is in the same path as the tpt script I'm running.  If I use the -v option with the path to the file and file name, it says it can't find the file, but it lists the directory where the script is running, not where I code the script to check.  The -f option works with finding the load file, but the -v option is not.  Am I not using the proper option?
$loadfile = "/opt/teradata/client/conf/LoadTable.load";
$attrfile = "/opt/teradata/client/conf/LoadTable.attr";
path of script is "/opt/teradata/client/bin";
tbuild -f $loadfile -v $attrfile
error is 
TPT_INFRA: TPT02019: Error: opening file '/opt/teradata/client/bin/LoadTable.attr': "No such file or directory" (error code 2).

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