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smartpandian 2 posts Joined 09/12
17 Dec 2013
Standard File Extensions for Teradata Tools Scripts

Is there any standard File Extension recommended by Teradata for its tool Scripts like bteq, fastexport, fastload, mload, tpump, tpt, JobVariables? 
any suggestion for better naming standard for different scripts that distinguishes itself from other?  
Also, I am finding most of the sample scripts in Teradata Documentation are in .txt files and of course all scripts are plain-text,, So, is that a standard to use .txt for all TD scripts?

M.Saeed Khurram 544 posts Joined 09/12
17 Dec 2013

the use of .txt for TD scripts is not a standard, although it can be used. In one of my projects we used the following extention:
Bteq: .SQL
FastLoad: .fld
Mload: .mld
One other way to name files can be as follows:
Bteq: FileName_Bteq.txt
Fastload: FileName_fld.txt
MLoad: FileName_mld.txt
TPT: FileName_TPT.txt


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